As part of our service guarantee, you may return, exchange, or replace any product in original condition for any reason within 30 days! align=Don't neglect your vehicle's weather stripping weather seals!

Replacing a door seal, hood seal or other weather stripping piece can be an easy project for the DIYer. You may think the weather seal that hangs down when you get in your vehicle, or the one you pulled off when it got in the way of the trunk closing are not important, but they are vital components of your vehicle. Weatherstripping not only helps to quiet your Metro Replacement Weather Stripping Sealscar when you drive, but it also keeps dirt and moisture out and protects vehicle parts from rubbing together. No need to purchase a new car just because a few weatherseals have gone bad. With a little time and the right parts, you can replace your vehicle's weatherstripping - one piece or an entire weather stripping kit in some cases.