Universal Tie-Rod Dust Boot

Item# universal-universal-tie-rod-dust-boot

Product Description

Restore and replace your Universal Universal Tie-Rod Dust Boot .

Metro's replacement Universal Universal Tie-Rod Dust Boot is designed to replace your OEM original parts, not simply fit a generic body type. So these Universal Universal Tie-Rod Dust Boot automotive weather seals look and fit great the first time. They use only the highest quality virgin rubber in all of the Universal Universal replacement weatherstripping Tie-Rod Dust Boot parts. Don't be fooled by the competition that might use both dense rubber and sponge rubber parts with fillers like recycled rubber. Virgin rubber parts made with full cure cycles will last longer, fit better and have a better service life. Special additives in Metro rubber parts resist ozone, sunlight (UV radiation), chemicals and petroleum products that often lead to further and naturally occurring decay in rubber.

  • Tightest Seals
  • Sunlight Resistant
  • Ozone Protected
  • Water Repelling
  • Easy to Install
  • Exact Molded Ends
  • Expertly Crafted
  • Correct Pin Placement
  • Large Selection
  • CNC Tooling
  • CAD Engineered

*note in a few cases, there is an adjustment period of about a week while the seal conforms to the door cavities to create the optimum fit.

Replaces the Tie-Rod Dust Boot rubber seal on Universal Universal vehicles.

Universal Tie-Rod Dust Boot Weatherstripping
Tie-Rod Dust Boot
  • Sold Individually
  • All Body Styles
  • Fits 9/16 In. Shaft
  • $4.99