Identify Your Weatherstripping

Late Model Vehicle Weatherstripping
1. Trunk Seal
2. Rear Roll-Up Quarter Window Seal
3. Sweepers (Inner & Outer)
4. Roof Rail Seal
5. Front Door Weatherstrip
6. Rear Door Weatherstrip
7. Header Seal
8. Pillar Post Weatherstrip
9. Window Channel
10. Lock Pillar Quarter Window Seal
11. Roof Pillar Seal (4-Door Hardtops)
12. Rigid Division Bar Seal
13. Vent Window Seal
14. Vent Window Vertical Seal
15. Hood to Cowl Seal/Hood Lacing
16. Bumper to Body Seal

Early Vehicle Model Weatherstripping
17. Door Bottom Seal
18. Door Seal, Full Wrap-Around
19. Fixed Quarter Window Seal
20. Cowl Vent Seal
21. Scuttle Vent Seal

A- Cowl Rubber
B- Door Seal
C- Windshield Rubber

D-Tailgate Weather Seal
E-Liftgate Weather Seal 

Jeep Door Seals - Replacement CJ8 Scrambler Weather Stripping
1-Door Seals
2-Belt Weatherstrip
3-Window Channel
4-Verticle Window Channel